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Dan Kennedy | Parris Lampropoulos | Perry Marshall | Ken McCarthy | Greg Renker | Eugene Schwartz | Joe Sugarman ...and many more!

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Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy

Author of 23 books including the popular NO BS series (

As would be expected, Brian Kurtz has put together a definitive presentation of direct marketing. Pros will find it fascinating. Those new to the disciplines will find a vital crash course. Ogilvy was right when he ranted to his own agency's staff that only the mail-order people knew what the hell they were doing, and were Ogilvy alive, he would applaud Brian's work here.

Frank Kern

Frank Kern

In Overdeliver, Brian chronicles almost four decades of hard core experience that comes with building an iconic $100 million direct marketing company (and then a multi-million dollar business on his own)--and then committing to teaching all he has learned, condensing it down into something you can absorb in an afternoon. Read it. It'll pay off in spades.

Joe Polish

Joe Polish

Founder, Genius Network and Genius Recovery

I’ve known Brian for over 20 years, and he is a direct marketing and direct mail genius. In fact, he’s been responsible for mailing close to 2 billion pieces of direct mail in his career along with sending millions of impressions in every direct response medium imaginable. If you want to learn from one of the greatest marketing minds alive, read Brian’s new book.

here's a small sampling of what you will learn in the pages of overdeliver...

  • The 4 Pillars of Being Extraordinary
  • The 5 Principles of why "Original Source" matters
  • The 7 Characteristics that are present in every world class copywriter
  • Multiple ways to track the metrics that matter in every campaign and every medium, online and offline
  • Why customer service and fulfillment are marketing functions
  • What is the most important capital you own (it has nothing to do with money)
  • And so much more...please read what so many direct response marketing legends have to say about Overdeliver:

"This book is a must read for marketers of all generations."

-Ryan Deiss, Founder and CEO, Digital Marketer

"Ignore this material at your own peril...the evergreen principles here are truly a lifesaver for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear this message. It is incredible Brian laid this all out."

- Yanik Silver, founder Maverick1000 and author of Evolved Enterprise

"It should be required reading for anyone who does any marketing."

- Jeff Walker, #1 NYT bestselling author of Launch

Joe Sugarman

Joe Sugarman

Direct Marketing Legend

Filled with more useful information and history than any other book I’m familiar with, Brian Kurtz covers his over 30 years of experience in Overdeliver. The wisdom he shares is organized extremely well. You should dramatically improve your results after reading this book. I strongly recommend it.

John Carlton

John Carlton

Author of “The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Getting Your Shit Together"

There is no greater joy for me than to sit down with a globally-respected expert like Brian and talk shop. It’s a pleasure few business owners get to experience, because we’re such an insular group, seldom allowing outsiders in. This book is your invitation to join that elite conversation. 

Robin Robins

Chief Marketing Sensation/CEO and #1 Leading Expert in
The World For IT Services Marketing

Finally, The Book I’ve Been Waiting For! When Brian told me he had written a book on the core principles of direct response marketing I was overjoyed! The core principles of productive direct response marketing are being lost today in the mess of quick-fix social media and branding - and Brian is one of the rare few individuals on this earth that are a true master of the topic.

Perry Marshall

Perry Marshall

Author, 80/20 Sales & Marketing, Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords, and Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising

In this book Brian tells his career story of working with some of the greatest people in the history of marketing, but simultaneously delivers a career manual and strategy book that covers every major principle that will affect your bottom line. This book conveys wisdom, common sense, and best of all, heart. This book should be on every marketer's shelf... and the case studies should be burned into every marketer's muscle memory.

Gary Bencivenga

Gary Bencivenga

For more than 40 years Brian Kurtz has quarterbacked some of the most successful product launches and top-tier businesses in the history of direct response marketing. In this book he reveals the most effective strategies and street-smart secrets he’s learned along the way, as well as golden nuggets of advice he’s gained from the world’s most respected direct response marketing stars in each core specialty. Any one of these gems could mean the difference between your next campaign winding up an embarrassing flop or a champagne-popping blockbuster.

Mark Ford

Mark Ford

Mark Ford, chief growth strategist at The Agora

Brian was one of the wunderkinds that practically invented DM publishing in the 1980s, and he was also one of the elder statesmen of the industry that guided its transition from paper to electronic in the 2000s. His capacity to see in his colleagues their best talents and qualities is what has made him such a central and respected person in our industry. And the perfect person to write a book that assimilates the best insights and ideas of the industry’s best and brightest business leaders. Overdeliver is a must-read.

presenting "The overdeliver collection," exclusive access only for buyers of overdeliver : Over 50 years of direct response wisdom from marketing and copywriting legends, past and present


"Titans of Direct Response" ...LIVE!

Six (6) hours of presentations (delivered digitally), never before released to the general public--video from what Dan Kennedy called "The event of the decade."

Featuring Eric Betuel, Fred Catona, David Deutsch, Arthur Johnson, Brian Kurtz, Parris Lampropoulos, Ken McCarthy, Greg Renker, Joe Sugarman...all live on stage at the "Titans of Direct Response" event from 2014...timeless and eternal.


The Lost Chapters of "Overdeliver"

A unique and original PDF compilation of additional, new material written by Brian Kurtz since
Overdeliver went to press. And you will also receive a free subscription to Brian's weekly blog so you can keep up with everything he will write after Overdeliver...and you can unsubscribe at any time.


"The  Overdeliver Copywriter's Tool Kit"

A PDF swipe file for the ages, over 400 pages, covering over a century of direct response promotions from the early 1900's to the present day. 

All of this is courtesy of direct response historian Jason Hart, chief archivist and curator of possibly the largest collection of advertising and marketing materials available online.  

This “tool kit” is comprised of some of the most successful direct response promotions ever written.

The unique collection includes the work of legendary “Overdeliver copywriters” many of whom are profiled in the pages of the book: Gary Halbert, Bill Bonner, Gary Bencivenga, David Deutsch, Claude Hopkins, Gene Schwartz, Mel Martin, Martin Conroy (yes, the “two men” package) and even Dick Benson’s favorite, Hank Burnett’s classic “Admiral Byrd 
letter”…and much more.

Dan Kennedy


Dan Kennedy's "Million Dollar Swipe File"

At the landmark “Titans of Direct Response” event in 2014, Titan speaker and marketing icon Dan
Kennedy prepared a 270 page book of some of his most successful work ever, only for attendees of the

In support of Overdeliver, a book he has endorsed highly, Dan agreed to gift buyers this one-of-a-kind
collection, in one complete PDF, what Dan called his Million Dollar Resource and Sample Book…this
might be your only opportunity ever to get your hands on this volume (which is another swipe file for
the ages).

Gene Schwartz


Breakthrough Advertising: The Lost Interviews

After the “Renaissance Man” of copywriting and marketing Gene Schwartz passed away, 14 of the most prolific direct response practitioners got together for a series of interviews, talking about the most important book ever written on copywriting, marketing and human behavior (Breakthrough Advertising)…and how it influenced their work and their careers…and everyone they touched.

This was originally a 5 disc set that sold for hundreds of dollars (and it is here for you now in a digital format), with copywriter Bob Bly interviewing greats such as Jay Abraham, Ken McCarthy, Martin Edelston, Yanik Silver, Parris Lampropoulos, Denny Hatch, Harlan Kilstein and others. PLUS there is a video of Gene Schwartz presenting “live” on his writing methodology and why he is such a creative genius—Breakthrough Advertising in his own words.

Gary Bencivenga


Gary Bencivenga's "Marketing Bullets Collection"

Gary Bencivenga is recognized as the world’s top living copywriter…and although he has not written a
book about why he has been such a driving force in the world of marketing for decades, he has written a
lot about how he created his magic…and that is what he called his “Bencivenga Bullets,” a series of articles
that would comprise the best book on copywriting (if it was a book).

The next best thing would be a PDF of all of Gary’s writing and that is what we have for you here.

With Gary’s permission, we can now share his best thinking and writing with you in this special
Overdeliver bonus.

Jay Abraham


19 Full Length Keynote Speeches and Presentations from Marketing Genius Jay Abraham

Jay Abraham not only wanted to write the foreword to Overdeliver, he also wanted to “overdeliver” to
you with two bonuses…this is the first…a compilation of nineteen (19) of his most powerful keynotes…in digital format, easy to access to view or listen to…19 master classes from the marketing master…

Jay Abraham


How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be by Jay Abraham

When we asked Jay how he wanted to “overdeliver” for Overdeliver buyers, he didn’t think the foreword
he wrote or giving you 19 keynote presentations and 10,000 headlines was enough either…so he is also gifting you what he believes embodies his life’s work as much as any product or book he has ever produced…timeless and original…and a product that took him 2 years to complete and cost him over $200,000 to produce.

This 12 session course, with over 300 real world examples, case studies and illustrative success stories, is
yours free as an Overdeliver bonus in an easy-to-use digital format with a well-edited transcript.

Perry Marshall


Perry Marshall "Live!"

Another marketing legend talked about and quoted in Overdeliver, Perry Marshall, wanted to contribute
some of his best thinking to this bonus package…and what you have here are the videos, in digital format, of a full day event Perry co-hosted with Brian Kurtz in 2013 where attendees paid $2,500 for a seat at this one day event.

Perry and Brian spill the beans on so much new thinking at the time and thinking that stands the test of time as well…just read Chapter Two of Overdeliver to see how Perry and Brian think about “Original Source” and you will get a preview of this no longer available video. This will be a collector’s item for your library for decades to come.


Secrets of Successful Direct Mail by Dick Benson

This is probably the most important book ever written about the art and science of direct mail, written
by the most knowledgeable man ever on the subject, Dick Benson.

And as you will read in Overdeliver, Brian Kurtz not only makes the case in Chapter 3 that “paying postage could make you a better marketer”…but he also included as part of the reading list inside the book, Benson’s “31 Rules of Thumb,” all relevant to marketing practices today despite Benson never working online in his lifetime.

This is a PDF of the classic book, hard-to-find, and one that needs to be part of your core reading list.

BONUS #11 
(and for you Spinal Tap fans, you know that “11” is “one more” than 10)

Confessions of a Direct Mail Guy by Gordon Grossman

If Dick Benson isn’t the most knowledgeable guy on direct mail ever, Gordon Grossman is…and since
Dick and Gordon were Brian Kurtz’s key mentors in his journey from offline to online direct response
marketing, Gordon’s memoir belongs in "The Overdeliver Collection” too.

Gordon was the key business builder at The Reader’s Digest in the 1960’s and 1970’s…almost “inventing” the sweepstakes and database marketing and regression modeling (all talked about in detail in the pages of Overdeliver). This PDF of Gordon’s essential work is bonus #11 and this book is as hard –to-find as any…but it’s yours free as a member of the Overdeliver family of buyers.

Meet the author of overdeliver, Brian Kurtz

According to Brian Kurtz, marketing isn’t everything…it’s the only thing.

He believes at his core that if you have a mission or vision in your life, why not
share it with millions instead of dozens?

And while you are sharing it with as many people as you can for maximum impact, why not measure everything and make all of your marketing accountable?

That’s what Brian is all about…and it is what Overdeliver: Build a Business for a
Lifetime Playing the Long Game in Direct Response Marketing
, is all about too.

His qualifications for being so bold about helping you with the lofty goal set out in the subtitle of Overdeliver is that he has been a serial direct marketer for almost 40 years, helping build an iconic publisher and marketing brand for the first 30+ years…and now teaching and coaching everything he has learned.

He’s been a student and a teacher his entire life, and will be the rest of his life,
and this book is only the next chapter in his evolution. And hopefully yours too.

Brian has worked with, and was (and is) mentored by, many of the top marketers and copywriters who have ever lived, many of whom are well represented in the book and in the 11 bonuses that comprise “The Overdeliver Collection."

And today he consults with bleeding-edge direct response marketing companies and entrepreneurs in a wide variety of categories through his Titans Mastermind, Titans Master Class and Titans Xcelerator.

The only thing Brian loves more than direct marketing is his family.

And umpiring baseball is right up there with direct marketing.

Jenny Thompson

CEO/Founder, SafetyPIN Technologies, Inc. and best-selling author of The 3-Day Business Cleanse

Hundreds (if not thousands) of people can tell you what a legend of direct marketing Brian Kurtz is--he was at the helm of one of the pioneers and leaders of the industry for decades. Millions of people’s health and financial situations have been improved because of the work Brian did. 

Parris Lampropoulos

Parris Lampropoulos

Marketing Strategist and Copywriter

It’s appropriate that Brian Kurtz titled his latest book Overdeliver, because Brian has been over-delivering for almost 40 years, and he does so in the pages of this book. Flip through it and you’ll discover strategies, tactics, and timeless principles that will make a huge impact on your sales and profits. Do yourself a favor and read this book!

Richard Viguerie

Richard A. Viguerie

Pioneer of Political Direct Mail in the 1960's - 1980's, Chairman of American Target Advertising, Inc.

Brian Kurtz has followed his own advice in his latest book, Overdeliver—he has overdelivered. For years, I’ve given to students of marketing a list of 14 must read books—I’ve now added Brian’s book to a new list of 15. Overdeliver is the best direct marketing book since his and my mentor, Dick Benson’s 1987 Secrets of Successful Direct Mail.

Katie Yeakle

Co-Founder, American Writers & Artists Inc.

Each chapter of Overdeliver is a Master Class in direct marketing taught by the best
friend any marketer could ever have. Reading it is like having Brian sitting beside you giving you his best insights and strategies from his 40 years as an industry leader.

Todd Brown

Marketing Funnel Automation

Brian Kurtz is a legend in the world of direct marketing.  Overdeliver packs his four decades of in-the-trenches experience into a masterful guidebook of marketing methods... guaranteed to make you more money. It's that good. A must-read.

Bill Bonner

Founder The Agora

Nobody has paid closer attention to the world of direct response advertising as Brian Kurtz.

His new book brings that world to you, in great detail. This is a must have book for anyone in the business...and anyone seriously interested in how people decide what, when, and how to buy. Brian, well, over usual.

Arthur P. Johnson

Arthur P. Johnson

Copywriter, Product Developer and Infomercial Star

If I could name one person in my entire career who takes top honors for direct marketing smarts, creative wisdom, negotiating cunning, and every other skill needed to create, field and fight a triumphant campaign, it would have to be Brian Kurtz.  If you want to succeed in marketing and DON’T buy this book, you’d better pray your competition can’t read.

Ben Settle

Ben Settle

Copywriter and Email Marketing Expert

One of history’s greatest marketing minds somehow managed to distill almost 40 years of hard-won direct marketing data into a few hundred pages. Don’t merely read this “scripture” of direct response marketing, sleep with it under your pillow!

Craig Clemens

Craig Clemens

Co-founder of
Golden Hippo Media

While most marketing legends guard their secrets, Kurtz has spilled it all in Overdeliver. If you are looking for the proven shortcuts to multiplying revenue in your business-while getting more profitable -this is your roadmap.

David Deutsch

David Deutsch

Author of Think Inside the Box!

Over the years, I’ve paid Brian tens of thousands of dollars for his money-making, business-building, life-changing advice and insights. Now they can be yours for the price of this book. Grab a  copy before your competition beats you to it.

Denny Hatch

Denny Hatch

founder of
“Who’s Mailing What!”

I can only wish to hell I had this book when I was starting out—or anywhere along the way during my career. For anyone starting out or in mid-to-late career, this is a dazzling ride not to be missed.

Jon Benson

Jon Benson

creator of Syndicated Copy,

Few books nail the importance of combining direct response marketing, compelling copy, and ethical persuasion like Overdeliver. Consider it essential reading if you’re looking for a blueprint for success in today’s response-driven economy.

Ken McCarthy

Ken McCarthy

The System Club

Brian has done something that I honestly did not think was possible: Put the key lessons of the greatest direct response practitioners into a single, easy to read volume. It's a magic trick I'm still trying to figure out how he pulled off.  If you're a reader, get to work. If you read rarely, break the drought and read this one. And then read it again. It's going to make you a ton of money and -not inconsequentially -lead you to a better life. 

Kevin Rogers

Kevin Rogers

Copy Chief

This book is the best you’ll find for building your business on a foundation of rock solid marketing principles, and using the best proven “secrets” to predictably squeeze every drop of juice out of new and evolving platforms. The marketing landscape will continue to change at a head spinning pace, and with wisdom Brian shares in Overdeliver you’ll be free to ride every giant wave with the ease and confidence of a world-class surfer.

Kim Krause-Schwalm

Kim Krause-Schwalm

A-List Copywriter
and Copy Mentor

I can’t think of a single direct response marketing mind that’s more respected in our industry than Brian Kurtz. Brian is one of the smartest and most generous and giving people I’ve met in my 30+ year direct response marketing career. Any event he puts on or book he writes will always be at the top of my list—and it should be at the top of yours, too.

Ryan Levesque

#1 Best-Selling author of Choose  & Ask

Overdeliver is the bridge that connects the timeless fundamentals of direct response marketing to the state-of-the-art marketing strategies today. It should be on the bookshelf of every marketer, every copywriter, and every entrepreneur.

Ray Edwards

Ray Edwards

Author, How to Write Copy That Sells

Brian Kurtz is the only person who could have written this book. Sharing his accumulated wisdom is a generous gift from Brian, and I recommend you treat it as such. Read it. Study it. Most importantly -do it.

Richard Armstrong

Richard Armstrong

Author of God Doesn’t Shoot Craps & The Don Con

I predict Brian Kurtz’s Overdeliver will instantly take its place among the classics of direct marketing literature. As David Ogilvy once said about Scientific Advertising... "You not only need to read this book, you need to read it at least seven times --then once again each year!"

Dean Graziosi

New York Times best-selling author of Millionaire Success Habits and serial entrepreneur

People claim to be marketing experts when their actual results are never tracked or measured. That is exactly what Overdeliver is not about. Brian has almost 40 years of obsessing, learning and mastering direct response marketing and now he’s sharing those secrets in this brilliant book.

Carlina Anglade-Cole

Carline Cole


Wow! I just read a new “classic” for direct response marketers! The way Brian teaches through the eyes of his 34+ years of experience at Boardroom made it personal and fun to read... I enjoyed reading Overdeliver 

and I am looking forward to my signed copy so I can read it again (and again). Too much valuable and usable information to read just once.

Dan Sullivan

Founder of Strategic Coach

Brian's spirit and wisdom burst forth in abundance from the pages of Overdeliver, making this book as enjoyable to read as it is essential to any entrepreneur or marketer. Its gift is to provide clear insight into the bedrock fundamentals of successful direct marketing and an understanding of how these will continue to apply to new media going forward.

Pat Corpora

Pat Corpora

Former President,
Rodale Books

In Overdeliver Brian shares the secrets that made him one of our most successful direct marketing executives. Most importantly, what Brian captures in Overdeliver is that successful direct marketers need both creative abilities and analytical skills to create breakthroughs.

Nick Nanton

Nick Nanton

Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Author of StorySelling

This book is just the next phase in Brian’s professional journey to give back as much as he can to the next generation of influencers. You’d be hard pressed to find a more important book in the field of direct marketing. I highly encourage you to put this at the top of your reading list. You won’t regret it.

Clayton Makepeace

Brian Kurtz became a marketing legend by transforming Boardroom, Inc. into the world’s largest personal improvement publisher. Now, with Overdeliver, he's given you priceless insights and fast, easy solutions written so clearly, an 8th grader could master them.

Mike Koenig

Mike Koenigs

13-Time #1 Bestselling Author, Serial Entrepreneur and Adviser

If you want to be rich, successful and fulfilled (with your soul ) intact... Read this book!If you’re new to marketing this book holds the keys to saving you years of expensive, time-wasting mistakes.  If you’re an experienced marketer, you already know having great checklists and a “master in your back pocket” to make sure every marketing campaign you create is successful, you’ll love this book.

Steve Dworman

Steve Dworman

Author of $12 Billion of Inside Marketing Secrets Discovered Through DRTV

Why do successful entrepreneurs pay Brian Kurtz $25k per year to be in his Titans Mastermind Group? You’ll see for yourself when you read this book. I’d advise you to put your feet up, get out your yellow highlighter and learn all the ways you’re losing money every single day...until now!

David Garfinkel

David Garfinkel

Author of 
Breakthrough Copywriting

Almost everyone gives lip service to the saying ‘Under promise and over deliver,’ but Brian Kurtz embodies those words and lives them as religiously as if they were carved into stone tablets. In this book, he generously shares hard-won direct marketing secrets that could be worth millions to you (as they actually were to Boardroom, Inc.).

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