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presenting "The overdeliver collection," exclusive access only for buyers of overdeliver : Over 50 years of direct response wisdom from marketing and copywriting legends, past and present


"Titans of Direct Response" ...LIVE!

Six (6) hours of presentations (delivered digitally), never before released to the general public--video from what Dan Kennedy called "The event of the decade."

Featuring Eric Betuel, Fred Catona, David Deutsch, Arthur Johnson, Brian Kurtz, Parris Lampropoulos, Ken McCarthy, Greg Renker, Joe Sugarman...all live on stage at the "Titans of Direct Response" event from 2014...timeless and eternal.

Brian Kurtz - The Four Pillars to Becoming Extraordinary

The Mount Rushmore of Copywriter's Roundtable - How to Sell Almost a Billion Dollars' Worth of Product $39 at a Time

Joe Sugarman - Up Close and Personal with Joe Sugarman

Greg Renker/Jay Sung - If You Think Guthy-Renker is Just About Infomercials, Think Again

Fred Catona - Radio-Active-Marketing: The Secret Weapon in Direct Response Media

Ken McCarthy - My First 140 Years of Internet Advertising


The Lost Chapters of "Overdeliver"

A unique and original PDF compilation of additional, new material written by Brian Kurtz since
Overdeliver went to press.


"The  Overdeliver Copywriter's Tool Kit"

A PDF swipe file for the ages, over 400 pages, covering over a century of direct response promotions from the early 1900's to the present day. 

All of this is courtesy of direct response historian Jason Hart, chief archivist and curator of possibly the largest collection of advertising and marketing materials available online.  

This “tool kit” is comprised of some of the most successful direct response promotions ever written.

The unique collection includes the work of legendary “Overdeliver copywriters” many of whom are profiled in the pages of the book: Gary Halbert, Bill Bonner, Gary Bencivenga, David Deutsch, Claude Hopkins, Gene Schwartz, Mel Martin, Martin Conroy (yes, the “two men” package) and even Dick Benson’s favorite, Hank Burnett’s classic “Admiral Byrd letter”…and much more.

Dan Kennedy


Dan Kennedy's "Million Dollar Swipe File"

At the landmark “Titans of Direct Response” event in 2014, Titan speaker and marketing icon Dan
Kennedy prepared a 270 page book of some of his most successful work ever, only for attendees of the

In support of Overdeliver, a book he has endorsed highly, Dan agreed to gift buyers this one-of-a-kind
collection, in one complete PDF, what Dan called his Million Dollar Resource and Sample Book…this
might be your only opportunity ever to get your hands on this volume (which is another swipe file for
the ages).

Gene Schwartz


Breakthrough Advertising: The Lost Interviews

After the “Renaissance Man” of copywriting and marketing Gene Schwartz passed away, 14 of the most prolific direct response practitioners got together for a series of interviews, talking about the most important book ever written on copywriting, marketing and human behavior (Breakthrough Advertising)…and how it influenced their work and their careers…and everyone they touched.

This was originally a 5 disc set that sold for hundreds of dollars (and it is here for you now in a digital format), with copywriter Bob Bly interviewing greats such as Jay Abraham, Ken McCarthy, Martin Edelston, Yanik Silver, Parris Lampropoulos, Denny Hatch, Harlan Kilstein and others. PLUS there is a video of Gene Schwartz presenting “live” on his writing methodology and why he is such a creative genius—Breakthrough Advertising in his own words.

Gene Schwartz Presenting Live


Please enjoy these rare stories and lessons from the marketers closest to Gene Schwartz. Listen in for Gene's unique approach to partnering with clients to build each other's businesses to staggering new heights of profitability, success and so much more. 

Gary Bencivenga


Gary Bencivenga's "Marketing Bullets Collection"

Gary Bencivenga is recognized as the world’s top living copywriter…and although he has not written a
book about why he has been such a driving force in the world of marketing for decades, he has written a
lot about how he created his magic…and that is what he called his “Bencivenga Bullets,” a series of articles
that would comprise the best book on copywriting (if it was a book).

The next best thing would be a PDF of all of Gary’s writing and that is what we have for you here.

With Gary’s permission, we can now share his best thinking and writing with you in this special
Overdeliver bonus.

Jay Abraham


19 Full Length Keynote Speeches and Presentations from Marketing Genius Jay Abraham

Jay Abraham not only wanted to write the foreword to Overdeliver, he also wanted to “overdeliver” to
you with two bonuses…this is the first…a compilation of nineteen (19) of his most powerful keynotes…in digital format, easy to access to view or listen to…19 master classes from the marketing master…

Jay Abraham


How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be by Jay Abraham

When we asked Jay how he wanted to “overdeliver” for Overdeliver buyers, he didn’t think the foreword
he wrote or giving you 21 keynote presentations and 10,000 headlines was enough either…so he is also gifting you what he believes embodies his life’s work as much as any product or book he has ever produced…timeless and original…and a product that took him 2 years to complete and cost him over $200,000 to produce.

This 12 session course, with over 300 real world examples, case studies and illustrative success stories, is
yours free as an Overdeliver bonus in an easy-to-use digital format with a well-edited transcript.

Perry Marshall


Perry Marshall "Live!"

Another marketing legend talked about and quoted in Overdeliver, Perry Marshall, wanted to contribute
some of his best thinking to this bonus package…and what you have here are the videos, in digital format, of a full day event Perry co-hosted with Brian Kurtz in 2013 where attendees paid $2,500 for a seat at this one day event.

Perry and Brian spill the beans on so much new thinking at the time and thinking that stands the test of time as well…just read Chapter Two of Overdeliver to see how Perry and Brian think about “Original Source” and you will get a preview of this no longer available video. This will be a collector’s item for your library for decades to come.


Secrets of Successful Direct Mail by Dick Benson

This is probably the most important book ever written about the art and science of direct mail, written
by the most knowledgeable man ever on the subject, Dick Benson.

And as you will read in Overdeliver, Brian Kurtz not only makes the case in Chapter 3 that “paying postage could make you a better marketer”…but he also included as part of the reading list inside the book, Benson’s “31 Rules of Thumb,” all relevant to marketing practices today despite Benson never working online in his lifetime.

This is a PDF of the classic book, hard-to-find, and one that needs to be part of your core reading list.

BONUS #11 
(and for you Spinal Tap fans, you know that “11” is “one more” than 10)

Confessions of a Direct Mail Guy by Gordon Grossman

If Dick Benson isn’t the most knowledgeable guy on direct mail ever, Gordon Grossman is…and since
Dick and Gordon were Brian Kurtz’s key mentors in his journey from offline to online direct response
marketing, Gordon’s memoir belongs in "The Overdeliver Collection” too.

Gordon was the key business builder at The Reader’s Digest in the 1960’s and 1970’s…almost “inventing” the sweepstakes and database marketing and regression modeling (all talked about in detail in the pages of Overdeliver). This PDF of Gordon’s essential work is bonus #11 and this book is as hard –to-find as any…but it’s yours free as a member of the Overdeliver family of buyers.